Tatjana Ranogajec Svrdlin

Tatjana Ranogajec Svrdlin Master of Forestry, Certified Engineer of Forestry and member of the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH); her many years of experience generated a desire to create her story. Together with her co-workers, she lives this story through rainbow colours, scents and shapes.

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  • Andrea Bassi - academy painter, ceramics designer
  • Goran Svrdlin - bacc.physioth

Frequent planting materials:

Sadni materijali Sadni materijali Sadni materijali Sadni materijali
  • Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum Atropurpureum,
  • Ornamental fruit trees - cherry tree, apple tree, plum tree
  • Prunus a. Kiku Schidare Sakura, P. A. Kanzan, Malus Coccinela ...
  • A variety of ornamental bonsai for outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Native planting materials are mostly used

Materials used:

Uporabni materijal Uporabni materijal Uporabni materijal Uporabni materijal
  • Decorative stones of various sizes and origins,
  • Decorative pebbles in varying sizes and colours,
  • Old brick,
  • Wooden trellis,
  • Plant pots made from terracotta, brass, wood (wooden planters), stone and synthetic materials, illuminated plant pots, etc...